Carbide Motion Touchscreen Options

I am new to the Shapeoko world, just received my Shapeoko Pro XXL. I have not assembled it yet, but I’m wondering what touchscreens seem to work best? I am a Mac/Apple guy, so I will use that for Carbide Create (it will also control my Flux Beambox Pro), but I want to use a touchscreen for CM (and I realize iPad is not an option, unfortunately). TIA

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Hi @splace73

Welcome to the community

In the price range of an iPad, I think a number of folks here have been using a Microsoft Surface/Surface Pro models to run CM. But it’s also possible to go for a much lower-end Win10 tablet and get away with it, minimum requirements to run CM are not very high.

I’m sure people will post and comment on what specific model they have been using successfully.

Have fun assembling your machine and making your first chips!

A touchscreen device should be easy to source, as Julien mentioned.

However, there is value in a wireless keyboard. When jogging the machine, there is no value in having to continuously look between the screen and the position of the spindle.

Since you can jog the position with the WASD,<,> and set the speed with the 1,2,3,4 keys, I personally find it easier to pick up a keyboard, get close to the machine, and drive it that way.

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Please note that it should be possible to use an iPad for controlling a machine if the machine is connected to a Mac, and if the iPad is connected to the Mac using Sidecar. Been wanting to experiment w/ that myself, but haven’t been able to justify it, since my main machine (Samsung Galaxy Book 12) already has a stylus.

Another option would be to use a Raspberry Pi running Carbide Motion:

and then to connect to that using VNC.

When you talk about a keyboard, what are you (and others) using to accomplish this? I’m assuming it is connected to the computer?

It’s a standard wireless keyboard connected to the machine running carbide motion via either a dongle or Bluetooth.

When zeroing the machine, you have to move the spindle in the X, Y and Z to position the tip of the endmill at your logical zero location. This is done by either pushing/clicking UI elements or using keyboard shortcuts.

Since many people can use WASD or arrow keys without looking at a keyboard, the keyboard lets you keep your eyes on the spindle as it moves. Personally I find this easier. I should also point out that game controller (joystick) also works.

I am using the Surface Pro 7 with the i5 processor. It costs between $799 and $899 depending on current sales. It has worked very well for me, as I can run my machine and live stream/record 1080P video with the camera at the same time.

I also designed this door mount Tablet/Pen holder with a rear PC fan cooling system for extended carves and wire management/cable chain, if anyone needs a set let me know.


I use my wireless keyboard from my iMac. The computer is to the left of my machine on a bench, I load the job and grab the keyboard and do what I need to finish setup and just go back over to cm and run the job. No extra cost.

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