Carbide Motion Using ~100% CPU

Hi all,

Using my newly assembled Shapeoko 3 XL. I have a dedicated computer to run the machine from: it runs nothing else. I noticed that the system was extremely slow, so I checked out the performance. Carbide Motion was using 100% of the CPU while the job was running and even after it was paused. The computer is a late model iMac 27" Intel Core2Duo OS X 10.9.x. Not the fastest box ever, but should be more than enough to act as a controller.

I opened the log window at the start of the job and left it running throughout. Perhaps the overhead and/or I/O of logging to file weighed it down or revealed a bug ?

Also, MeshCam produced an edge with a series of small (~12mm) moves. There is a ~1 sec delay between moves. I read on here that this may slow down GRBL.

Has anyone else experienced this ?


Update: Running job without logging and CPU usage of CM is ~5%. Will try the next job with logging to see if CPU resumes 100% level.