Carbide Motion v2.3 Board Pinout

I would like to make this upgrade to my S03XXL:
DIY Spindle Control Solution
However, the instructions are based on the v2.4d board, and the wiki only shows the pinout for the v2.1 board. My machine has the v2.3 board.

Can anyone tell me if all of these pins (on the v2.1 pinout diagram) are the same on the v2.3 board?

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Asked and was told:

yes, that connector is standard across all board revisions

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You might appreciate this:

There are other threads here as well. Two wires, the IOT switch, and you’re done.


Is that true of the other pins that I highlighted in yellow? I suspect so, but I can’t find the post where I read this, but it stated that the v2.1 through v2.3 boards all have basically the same layout.

I do appreciate that. This answers the immediate question of how the relay gets tied into the board. Thank you.

It should be. The github documentation ought to fill in pretty much everything:

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