Carbide Motion v4 doesn't open on MAC

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Hello everyone,
Just recently got my Nomad Pro and decided to update to the latest firmware and software. The firmware update on the Nomad went smooth, but when I went to download and install CMv4 on my Mac it crashes and doesn’t open. Once it closes it says “Carbide Motion quit unexpectedly”. I ran the previous version and it was great. Any one else had this issue and resolved it? Thank in advance.

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Please contact with the specifics of your Mac and OS — hopefully that will help us get it running on it in the next release.

To revert to CM3 and Grbl 0.9 please see: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

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Thank you for the quick reply, I sent the email. Do you have en ETA for the next release?

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