Carbide Motion vs gSender to run a LongMill MK2

Today Sienci Labs responded to me that running their LongMill with Carbide Motion will reduce an optimal experience. By chance is there anyone here running a LongMill with Carbide Motion?, and has seen first hand the difference in optimal function? thanks.

It should not be possible to use Carbide Motion with a Longmill — doing so would require sourcing a Carbide Motion board and wiring that up to that non-Carbide 3D machine.

We have a number of folks who use Carbide Create Pro w/ a Longmill and it seems to work fine.

Thanks Will, so to be clear you’ve heard of folks using Carbide Create Pro to create content/gcode/files but not to actually drive the LongMill? thanks

Correct. Create Pro can output code for your machine, but Create/Motion cannot drive the machine.