Carbide now FREE to use for other systems question

I would like to use this software with my machine. I have a tinyG controller. What limitations if any will I run up against when trying to use the software with this controller? Are there any workarounds?

Thank You

Carbide Create will output pretty standard G-code, suitable for Grbl, and TinyG has a fairly similar implementation of G-code — it should “just work” — anything which doesn’t, please let us know about at and we’ll see what can be done.

@WillAdams maybe I should have also asked will the Carbide software connect to the tinyG controller or does Carbide output gcode that I need to use another program to connect and stream the gcode to the tinyg?

Carbide Create should create G-code which will work with TinyG — Carbide Motion is I believe still restricted to Carbide 3D machines, so the nifty “Send to machine” button won’t appear/work, and you’ll need to use some other Communication / Control program — list of them here:

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