Carbide Office Hours #11 - New MeshCAM, New Product

This Friday’s livestream will walk through a brand new version of MeshCAM (v8), as well as a new machine accessory we’re revealing on the livestream for the first time. There will also be time for an open Q&A at the end. Hopefully we can keep this interesting for you folks. :wink:

Friday, May 29th @ 1:30 Pacific.


Suspense! OK - someone has to have a go at that outline and guess the product. I am going to say some sort of controlled power switch

And yay new MeshCam! Started off with using it (included with the Nomad) and I think it gets less airtime than it really deserves.


My first thought was Carbide3D SuperPID, not sure that is practical though.

lol, just noticed you reduced the resolution of the silhouette @wmoy, guess I should have taken a photo when it was of higher quality :wink:


What can I say, I like teasing the pixel-peepers.


What, no hints? :joy:

I’ll guess, an E-Stop button. :man_shrugging:


Air cooling kit? Kind of looks like the figure to the right is a compressor with wheels.

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Based on what Winston’s been making lately, it’s probably a miniature model of the SpaceX Dragon capsule that you can dangle from your car’s rear-view mirror with Carbide3D’s logo on the bottom.


The new product (tease) looks like a old 16-bit video game. I’m hoping it’s an emergency stop, with an additional AC outlet so it will also kill power to the router… Or Mario CNC for the Nintendo.

It would be cool if it’s the inductive sensors for homing for those that don’t have the Z-Plus.

I contacted support to inquire about proximity switch retrofit kits and was informed the soonest on those would be the end of the year due to the prioritization of other accessories and being behind from vendor delays.


The bottom pixeled out part kinda looks like a PS/Xbox controller…so some sort of hand held controller? The larger top part kinda looks like the X Axis gantry…so linear rail kit for X axis?

It must be the long awaited bitcatcher…a nice tray under the bit change position to catch the inevitable bits that fall out of the collet as you loosen that


The part on the right was missing one pixel, it’s obviously a screaming potato !


You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!!!


+1 Makes sense to me since there was a beta tester post a couple of weeks ago to test something that would maybe require soldering to the controller and required a router for a spindle. Could also be a router speed controller. That would be fun.

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cool, I see there’s a lot of changes on meshcam right now… I’ll have to test that… …I stayed with the V6 version. There were little bugs at times…
so I can’t wait to test the V7 and V8 to see the differences




Yeah my thumb is numb from all this turning-on-off. I don’t know if I can get the insurance to pay for this instead of claiming LTD. :wink:

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The BitRunner seems like a cool idea, just back and forth on if I really need the bit setter and the runner. The bit zero works great for me now.