Carbide Office Hours #9 - Questions About Running a CNC?

Hey folks! One of the things we’ve been wanting to do is bring Carbide Office Hours into the shop. Because of the challenges of operating a CNC live however (acoustics being a big one) we’re going to be experimenting with a couple ways to bring you additional information and answer different questions, through more livestreams, but also pre-recorded segments which we can premiere while answer questions in the live chat as they come up. So expect a potential shakeup in format and setting in the future.

With that being said, I’m taking questions on two topics:
Workflow/running a CNC - What questions do you have regarding normal operation of a machine?
Workholding - Got a questions about clamps vs adhesives vs other methods?


there are many topics on the board about how the bitsetter workflow is different from without bitsetter
(most of the time what goes wrong is folks changing the bit without going through the UI, and then zeroing and that causing mayhem)
would be good to give a quick overview about how bitsetter is really different


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