Carbide Office Hours is Back - Ep. 14 Thread ("Dongle Danger")

Hey guys, we’re doing another livestream this Friday. This one’s going to be a more open-ended episode as I go through the exercise of designing and machining a little organizer for my desk-dongle situation. We’ll start in Carbide Create with nothing but an idea and go from there.

You’ll also get a tour of my new live-streaming studio :wink:
(Don’t expect much…)

Bring design ideas/suggestions. Also project solutions, since I could always use more…


Does your new live-streaming studio also has obnoxious co-workers nearby making all kind of noises in the background and shooting confetti cannons ? If not, I will miss those! :rofl:


It is slightly more protected by virtue of distance and having a door, but it also leaves me exposed as my back is towards the entrance…


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