Carbide Pro not converting to carbide motion

Hi everyone,

I installed Carbide Pro the other day and now when I use it and save to G Code it is not doing that. I go to my downloads and it doesn’t let me click on my file. and I’m noticing its not even saving as a .cn file.
I wasn’t having a problem with the general Carbide Create. Any help? Im going on day 3 without being able to use my Shapeoko.

Thank You


Are you clicking the save gcode button on the bottom left of carbide create, or are you clicking File>Save As on the file menu? The File>Save As, outputs the design file to be opened again in carbide create. The save gcode saves a .nc file that motion is supposed to run.
The save as gcode should launch a prompt for you to name the file so you should be aware of what fold it’s being saved to.
Also are you sure about the directories? Your program may be looking in different user directories, so for example your gcode file may be in C:/Users/Tom/Downloads and the motion is looking in the C:/Users/Admin/Downloads directory

If you open file explorer and click on the Quick Access button, it should take you to Frequent folders and recent files, you may see the .nc file listed there

Lastly, Carbide create and carbide create pro are effectively the same program, FYA. Pro just has extra features.

is this a mac? @WillAdams has some workarounds for recent builds on Mac

The current version of Carbide Create doesn’t add the file extension when writing out G-Code on a Mac.

Please add the .nc file extension to be able to see the files in Carbide Motion.

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Hi, yes this is a Mac. than you!! ill try this. how do I insert the .cn when saving?

Just add .nc to the filename — you should set your system to show file extensions — helps prevent filenames such as:



Thank you for that information - was a life saver. I just finished the assembly of my machine (XXL) and had successfully run the “Hello World.” Made a simple sign in Carbide Create Pro (on the Mac) and also couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I couldn’t get Motion to load it. Simple fix!

Thanks again!


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