Carbide Router in a Router Table?

Anyone put a spare carbide router into a router table? I’ve got a janky palm router table but thought about building a new one.

Works fine — the very similar MLCS Rocky 30 is marketed thus:

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If you have a spare trim router then it would work. However if you do not have a spare router then I would suggest a 2-2.5 HP router. The Bosch is a good router as well as the Skil gets good reviews. The HP makes a difference when using a router table. I have a wide variety of routers from 1.25-3.5HP and my two router tables have 2.5 HP routers. With the medium size router you can do a lot more than a trim router is capable of. It just depends on what you are going to route. Trim routers are limited to 1/4" shank bits and they tend to chatter more when putting them under a heavy load.

What @WillAdams suggested above is basically a c3d router clone. Personally I dont like the c3d router as well as the original Makita trim routers. Both the Makita/C3D routers tend to have the bearings go bad. But if you do use a trim router there are a lot of alumniumn top router table tops you can buy from Amazon and others that have an insert that fits the table. Personally I like router lifts and have two Jessem FX lifts and they are so easy to use. However most of the plunge routers can be adjusted from above the table. Routers that you have to adjust from the bottom are awkward to adjust and make it hard to get precise rise/lower.

There are a bunch of trim router tops available. The rockler one is pretty complete.

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