Carbide router replacement

Ok, so my daughter was using my S3XXL while I’m at work and she broke The router housing. From the video she sent me it cracked one of the vanes and pieces for the rotation lock fell out.

So my question is can I go to the big box store and buy a Dewalt 611 and slap it in? I would order a new one from carbide, but we are already behind on a big project/order.

When I get home I will upload pictures

Yes you can.
Just remove the collar/shim that is used with the stock router.

So do I go with the Marita or the Dewalt?

Write in to and we’ll get this sorted out.

Note that we recommend that you only use the button to hand-tighten so that things will stay in place while one fully tightens w/ a pair of good quality wrenches (13mm low profile and 22mm stubby). See Tools - ShapeOko for a list of options.

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I’d go with Makita… it’s a drop in.
DeWalt is a different size

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I have a Dewalt on xxl and Makita on xl. Both are great. The Dewalt has a longer body so for a Z-plus it can plunge deeper. When I go to Lowes they never have the Dewalt in stock. I got the Makita on Amazon.

The lock pin breaking on c3d router is not rare. You could use two wrenches to tighten up collet if pin is not stuck on lock position until you get a replacement. Unless your girl is a body builder the breaking of the router is likely a casting defect.

Thank you for all of the advice/comments. I was able to go to Home Depot and pick up a makita got it in an ran it for a few hours.

I understand that shouldn’t use the button only to get the bit to stay, then use wrenches to tighten. I haven’t made it that big of an issue as I wasn’t using the machine much. For sure now gonna use wrenches

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