Carbide router will not work!

O.K. New problem! Carbide router stopped working! I have an excellent dust collection system, it did not over heat because my last project took about 10 minutes. I’ve plugged it in to another outlet, checked all internal wiring and cleanliness and it looks like it just came out of the box. I’ve only had the machine for about 3 months. Plus the longer it’s down the more money I lose!

Anyone have any ideas??

Try changing the carbon brushes — if that doesn’t work contact us at

If you can’t wait on shipping a Makita RT0701 is a drop-in replacement.

New brush worked, but the rpm’s are not consistent. Meaning it’s set on 3 and the RPM’s jump to 4 and as low as 1.

Try the other pair — if things still don’t work, let us know at

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