Carbide Spindle Kit ER11 Collet and Nut (Question)?

I’ve been noticing my ER11 Nut/Collet is slowly becoming harder to remove from the spindle thread. When using the wrenches to loosen it initially comes loose, do about 1 turn and then stiffens up and basically using the thread to pull the collet out of the spindle shaft. Is this normal and are these parts consumables and over time they need to be replaced?

In either case I’ve been thinking of getting extras anyways so avoid having to change the collets in the single nut for different tooling and from what I can see ER11 has 2 standards such as ER11A and ER11-562, which one is the Carbide 3D spindle and any Canadians here find good quality options for extra collets and nuts.

I’ve noticed this myself — usually tapping w/ a wrench will then loosen things up, or just keep turning with a wrench.

One differentiation is hardware style, the normal hex (which is what Carbide 3D provides):

(from our shop page)

and “Castle Nuts” which are available from a variety of vendors:

(from ER11 MINI COLLET NUT - Castle Style Nut MariTool )

Make sure to get the matching wrench.

But I’m not sure if the twain are compatible:

the former has:

ER11 Collet Nut has an id thread of 14mm X .75 pitch

while the latter has:

Has an id thread of 13mm X .75 pitch

Hi Patrick, Yes this is normal, you are initially relieving the compression then after a rev or so the nut is extracting the collet from the spindle. The ER style is self extracting unlike the trim router where the collet and bit could stay stuck in the taper. The ring that engages the collet in the nut is used to pull the collet free from the taper.


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