Carbide Tool Database in Vcarve

I downloaded the tool database that contains the Carbide bits ( end mills and V bits ) and the data extremely conservative? I am just comparing the numbers to those of what the VCarveP stock tool database has.

Who came up with those numbers and is this what other SO3 / Vcarve users rely on?

I will see if I can find the link that I used to obtain this file… it was somewhere on the wiki I think.

Listed on the Commercial software page:

and was posted to the unofficial Shapeoko Facebook group:

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Hi @WillAdams and all,

I’m new to this community. I just got my Pro XXL up and running in the last few weeks.

Sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but do you have any idea where this is hosted now? I find so many great answers on this community, only to find the link is dead.

Many thanks,



seem to be in place.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I found the Amana one earlier today. I only have a few of those. Most of my end mills are from Carbide3d. So I guess what I’m trying to do is find a database of Carbide3d end mills that I can import into Vcarve.

Here’s one I had in my Downloads folder: (2.5 KB)