Carbide touch probe

(Robert Bevers) #1

I just purchased and installed the Carbide touch probe. I used it to set my z axis zero with a 90 degree V bit. I started my run on cutting out stars, and they were all way too deep. I stopped the cut and zeroed the z axis manually. I checked in Carbide Motion, and it says the z axis was at 3 mill. I zeroed with the touch probe again, and then did it manually. It still showed me to be at a positive 3 mill. What gives?


(Kyle Hardin; Columbus, Ohio) #2

When you zeroed, how was the probe sitting on the workpiece? 3mm is exactly the height of the lip on the bottom.

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(Robert Bevers) #3

Yes it was sitting on the work piece and the lip was hanging over (around the corner).


(Neil Ferreri) #4

When you’re just zeroing Z, I believe it should NOT be hanging off the corner. The whole thing should be on top of the workpiece.


(Robert Bevers) #5

I will give having it sit up top a try. Instructions on how to use it would have been great!


(Neil Ferreri) #6

(Bob zambron) #7

Yes when just zeroing z. The probe should be on top of the project and not hanging off the end.

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