Carbide3d support listens and responds

I read on the Shapeoko forum “A personal message from Edward (Carbide3D)
Postby edwardrford » Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:46 pm” in it he stated “We want everyone to know that we’re here to help! The forum is a great place to exchange ideas, show off what you’re doing, and mingle with like minded folks - but if you are having a problem, and you don’t feel like finding the solution on your own - just send us an email and we’ll be there to help!” Nothing could be closer to the truth. Support wants to knows whats good and bad and are there to help not separate themselves or blame the customer.
I have had three problems that I communicated with Support about and each one they responded quickly and kept in contact until I was happy with the resolution. Jorge at support deserves extra “goldfish” as a reward. The forum has taught me so much my brain jogs when I use the key board but actual answers to problems are hard to find. The forums are a valuable source that I relie on. Support is what I lean on. Thank you Carbide3d Support.


Support so good even the Significant others appreciate it! One tool with no support frustration!

Thanks Will, Jorge and those team members that make all of this possible!