Carbide3D SWAG In The Store

So when I first got my Shapeoko I haphazardly built an enclosure for it with the materials I had on hand. It works well, but I built it before I truly knew what I needed. Its cramped and could use a bit more sound deadening in it. The only problem I have though is that it is covered with all of my Carbide3D stickers. I don’t want to get rid of them and I really don’t need to buy much for from the store for a while. It would be awesome if there were options to purchase the stickers and other SWAG from the store. Don’t get me wrong I love that it comes as an added bonus in many cases with other items from the store. I am just saying I would happily buy it as well and I am sure others would too.


My experience has been that sales@carbide will create custom shopping carts of just about anything. Would suggest reaching out to them

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