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Where can one find information about reading the log? In the log are commands that I can’t find thru google to explain them. I see things like M56P0 and M56P1. I can’t find any reference to this command on the web.
The log also shows lines like MPos:-402.075,-300.250,-32.375|Bf:13,128|FS:100,0. I suspect that the MPos means machine position. I’ve also seen this line on the web with WPos which I think means workspace position. Though WPos no longer show up in the log. What does bf mean. I think the FS is the speed. There also is an idle command that seems to repeat while the CNC is idle.
(753): <- <Idle|MPos:-402.075,-300.250,-26.025|Bf:14,128|FS:0,0|WCO:0.000,0.000,0.000>
(752): <- <Idle|MPos:-402.075,-300.250,-26.025|Bf:14,128|FS:0,0>
(750): <- <Idle|MPos:-402.075,-300.250,-26.025|Bf:14,128|FS:0,0|Ov:100,100,100>
What is the WCo and Ov referring to?
Also where does the machine store the location that is goes to when you jog to the current XY and current Z+6mm. I noticed that at one time there was a carbidemotion.ini file that had X Y Z locations stored. But the current version does not have a carbidemotion.ini. When doing a $# none of the locations displayed show any value other than zero.

The specifics of communication should be documented on the Grbl pages on GitHub:

Those are the disable and enable parking override commands…I haven’t looked into why Motion uses them.

Correct. Machine position and Work position differ by the offsets (WCO). It’s up to the sender to do the math.

Buffer state. Probably only useful for developers and last ditch troubleshooting.


Or running, holding, door open, alarm state, sleep, etc…

Work Coordinate Offset

Feed and speed override percentages

On the EEPROM of the controller

Motion resets it for some reason, but it’s apparently stored on your computer somewhere when using Motion.

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Thanks. I had look at the github site and did not see this information. After further searching I have found a few things. The WCO is work coordinate offset. They stopped sending the WPos and send WCO because WPos can be calculated as MPos = WPos + WCO and WPos = MPos - WCO. The OV is the override values for percent of feed, rapids and spindle speed. bf:15,128 is 15 available blocks and 128 characters available in the RX buffer. The FS:800,18000 is feed rate of 800 units and 18000 RPM. F6000.0 is the feed rate only. Found a reference to G56P0 and G56P1 talking about parking motion. I think they mean M56 not positive.
Again thanks

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Thanks for your responses. I took WillAdams advice and looked a little harder at the github site and found some answers. Would like to know what the current XY location is without having to jog. also found TLO tool length offset.

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As you’re discovering, this info is intended to be persistent and reported in the WCO along with in the $# report. When you clear those, as Motion does, I’m not sure. This is a main reason I have stopped messing with Motion. I like to know where my zero is every time, even if I switch from one sender to another.

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