CarbideMotion Rx/Tx Pins?


Does the the 2.4e rev of the CarbideMotion PCB have rx/tx serial pins that can be used for IO instead of USB?



Terrific, thanks! Any caveats to be aware of?

I personally have never used it. Just make sure you use something 5V tolerant and be careful of ground loop noise.

Do you happen to know anything about the aux 24V input 4 pin header? I’ve got it hooked up to a bench supply and the blue light is on, but I can’t seem to connect to carbide motion…do I need to do something with the 2 lower pins (connect them together?)

Are you trying to connect to Motion using the Serial pins? If I recall correctly, that won’t work. Carbide Motion looks for the 16U2 USB MCU.

Can you provide more info on what you’re trying to do? Whatever it is, it sounds like you might want a different, more open, sender anyway.

The rx/tx question is for future reference. Right now I’m just trying to power the CM board via the ext 24V input and connect to my computer via USB. Sorry for confusion. Do I need to short the Ext 24V On/Off pins?

On the Nomad, all 4 pins are connected to a switch. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which pins at the moment but this page does indicate that the bottom two are on/off.

It appears the bottom 3 pins are what you need… ground, 24V, 24V. The top pin will be 5v once powered up.