Care and Cleaning for Nomad 3

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my Nomad 3 and while I do as good of a cleanout as possible after every job with a shop vac, it looks like I need to do more…

Is there a Nomad 3 cleaning guide available with dos and don’ts? I’d like to keep my mill clean and running well for a long time.
Any updated recommendations from this 4 year old posting?


General maintenance and cleaning hasn’t come on too much since then.

The main thing you want to do is keep dust off the linear guides, lead screw etc. Usually we’d say to vac/and wipe it down after every use.

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Ok, is Super Lube 51004 still the recommended lubricant to apply to Nomad 3 rails and lead screws after wiping them down? If so, how should it be applied?

Thanks for this thread. Wondering the same thing!!

For the lead screw yes.

For the rails Mobil Vactra no 2 oil can be used but it won’t be needed after every use - maybe every 6 months or so.



Following this topic.

Sorry for being pedantic Luke, but while this is all new to me, I have discovered the hard way that it’s better to ask a lot of stupid questions than to make stupid mistakes.

Brush type recommendations for a easier and better cleaning?

For the Mobil Vactra #2 oil (smaller bottle at Amazon site), what is the recommended way to apply it onto the rails (every 6 months or so)?

Currently, my x-axis lead screw has a clear grease on it (has buildup at right x-axis limit). Is this grease I’m currently seeing the recommended Super Lube or is it something else that the factory is using when assembling the Nomad 3?

Thanks for your help!

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As noted at:

the XY rails and leadscrew are lubricated initially with the grease form of the specified Super Lube oil.

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To be honest you can use a dry and clean paint brush and vacuum.

To apply Mobil Vactra you can use a disposable cloth, or make up a light oil rag. It only needs a light coating, and gentle wipe down.


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