Carnide Motion -Stops all the time

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I have had plenty of problems with Carbide Motion. If someone can help, I would appreciate the advice.
Here is a list:


Problem 1: The program quits almost every time I use it. A screen pops up and reads “Cutter not Responding”. Another message pops up often stating “Missing Port”. This usually happens anytime between 15% -99% of cutting job. It randomly stops pretty much all the time, why doe this happen?
{N.B The frustrating part is that I can’t re-start it from the last point because it pretty much doesn’t have any memory after it quits.}

Problem 2: Pop-up Message now reads “Machine Parameter invalid” which makes no sense as the cutter is within the cutting parameters.

Problem 3: The file on carbide doesn’t exist, it completely vanishes, see image. For this, the cut was at around 20% of completion. The settings don’t even allowing me to even pause, quit, jog or do anything else. HELP!!!


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Hard to tell from your description if this is a software crash, hardware fault, loose cable, or something else.

I’d suggest starting with the EMI recommendations: and working from there.

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Thanks @WillAdams

My newest problem is that the file disappears half-way through. The picture shows that the program just goes blank.

I know the usb/ cables are sensitive but sometimes when everything looks right the program just crashes.

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Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

If CM4, please report this to and then revert to CM3:

Conversely, if using CM3, report it to and please try updating to CM4:

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I will find out once I head to the makers-space this week. I’ll let you know in the next few days.

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Random thought: I chased my tail for a few days on why I was getting all these disconnects from GRBL (using both CM and grblpanel). Turns out, drumroll… Loose USB port on my laptop! Switched to another, all issues gone.

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highly possible! @Adam_Xett

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