Carnide Motion -Stops all the time


I have had plenty of problems with Carbide Motion. If someone can help, I would appreciate the advice.
Here is a list:


Problem 1: The program quits almost every time I use it. A screen pops up and reads “Cutter not Responding”. Another message pops up often stating “Missing Port”. This usually happens anytime between 15% -99% of cutting job. It randomly stops pretty much all the time, why doe this happen?
{N.B The frustrating part is that I can’t re-start it from the last point because it pretty much doesn’t have any memory after it quits.}

Problem 2: Pop-up Message now reads “Machine Parameter invalid” which makes no sense as the cutter is within the cutting parameters.

Problem 3: The file on carbide doesn’t exist, it completely vanishes, see image. For this, the cut was at around 20% of completion. The settings don’t even allowing me to even pause, quit, jog or do anything else. HELP!!!


Hard to tell from your description if this is a software crash, hardware fault, loose cable, or something else.

I’d suggest starting with the EMI recommendations: and working from there.

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Thanks @WillAdams

My newest problem is that the file disappears half-way through. The picture shows that the program just goes blank.

I know the usb/ cables are sensitive but sometimes when everything looks right the program just crashes.

Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

If CM4, please report this to and then revert to CM3:

Conversely, if using CM3, report it to and please try updating to CM4:

I will find out once I head to the makers-space this week. I’ll let you know in the next few days.

Random thought: I chased my tail for a few days on why I was getting all these disconnects from GRBL (using both CM and grblpanel). Turns out, drumroll… Loose USB port on my laptop! Switched to another, all issues gone.


highly possible! @Adam_Xett

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