Carved Adirondack Chair

Wanted to share a personal success with you folks…

For years I have wanted to make a carved Adirondack chair. And this was the driving force that pushed me into the world of CNC. This past weekend I finally accomplished my goal…

All cuts and carving for this chair were made by the Shapeoko XXL, but none of this would have been possible without the help of this forum. Thank You!


Very nicely done. That is one think I would like the plans for. You did a great job.

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Awesome–beautiful! Congrats.

I purchased the DXF files online from Barley Harvest. The Grandpa Adirondack chair is the design I used. I imported the DXF files into Vectric Aspire and added the v-carve elements.

Thanks for the reply. I will have to check them out. That is a nice chair for a big man.

Nice work! Furniture is one of the reasons I went forward with an XXL, and I love your project. We have a pair of Adirondacks on your front porch made from neighborhood blue pine. Comfy while being quite a rigid seat.

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Sarge. Did you buy the CNC package off Etsy or just the plans. If you bought the CNC package, how well did it work on your CNC and what program did you use to make your gcode?

I purchased the dxf files. Files provide one of each part type, so you need to duplicate parts like arms, legs etc. I used Vectric Aspire to create the lay out and create the g-code. The carved back is not part of the purchased dxf files. I added those with the bitmap import in aspire.

Hey sarge, would you be willing to share your G code for this project?

Had I drawn the patterns myself, I would have no problem sharing. But I purchased the patterns as DXF files from a small home based business. I don’t think it would be fair to them if I took their product and posted it for free. Sorry. The patterns are relatively inexpensive, and by purchasing the patterns you are helping a small business survive.


Hi Rob:

Really nice chair! Do you think the elements will fit on a XL without tiling?


No. I have an XXL and used tiling. Tiling is not to bad once you learn the work flow. Takes practice, but worth learning.

Thanks Rob.

I run V-Carve Pro which supports tiling, so I’ll give it a shot. Will keep the forum posted…



ddi you do this on a xxl s3d ???

Yes, all work was done on my S3 XXL.