Carving a design along the edge of a board

Often one can’t help but draw up the image of the desired part — even when this isn’t the best way to cut the part in question out — consider the case of a scalloped edge as a decorative element along the bottom of a table apron:

Instead, geometry is needed to remove the design along the bottom edge of the board.

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Starting with a design like to (if need be, make sure that it projects to either side by a bit more than the radius of the endmill):

duplicate the design and drag the duplicate into alignment, then draw in a rectangle representing the working area, select it, and shift-click on one copy of the design to make it the key element:

Select the original and offset it by a little more than the diameter of the endmill which is to be used (at least 10% more):

(dropping into metric makes this simple to calculate/enter 6.35mm * 1.1 ~= 7mm):

resulting in:

Select the punched area and the offset and do a Boolean Intersection:

to arrive at geometry which may be cut to arrive at:

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