Carving a jpg file?

I kinda lost here - I have a jpg that I’d like to use as the basis of a vcarve.

How does one go from jpg to something that can be pulled into carbide create without tracing my face off?

Re-drawing is best, a second option is to use the auto-trace feature in a tool such as Inkscape. The community has a bit on that here:

Opensource tracing: — web interface:
Webservice for tracing: or

Alternately use a CAM tool which directly processes images: or

F-Engrave is the usual free suggestion:

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Thanks Will - I knew it was kinda a derpy question when I was typing. In the end, I really just need to sit down with inkscape and figure out what I need to do.

First see if F-Engrave will work for what you want — it’s a very nice tool with a very straight-forward interface.

Hmm - should I see a jpeg option somewhere in the menu setting?

I can’t tell if I need to convert this or I set it up wrong.

It might be that F-Engrave doesn’t support JPEGs and you have resave the pixel image as a file format which it supports.

I was able to convert to svg, I can see it as a preview in the carbide create window, however, when I try to actually OPEN the file, I get a beach ball. File is attached - willing to try?coffee2coffee2

Huh - is the file visible somehow? I can’t see it…

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