Carving Errors, Help

This quality issue is very concerning if true.

Can someone else with v-carve or aspire run the same vcarved letters and compare the quality of the result with Carbide Create? This might inform whether it truly is a software problem or is still a mechanical issue that Edu has.

Well did you check if both run at the same feed and speed? What bit, characters, material was used?

You should also note that the VCarve options in Vcarve/Aspire have many more functions than the Carbide Create software. In some respect you may be comparing apples and oranges. You are comparing a free software vs a $2K software.


Hi Luc. I don’t wish to cast anything in a negative light, just trying to find a solution. Is there a particular feed and speed setting you recommend? I can try to test a file with the same settings from each cad program.

We’ve been discussing feeds and speeds here:

and I find this to be a good technique for testing them:

Just as a quick test, you should ask your friend for his feeds and speeds and run the Carbide at the same F&S for a test. As @WillAdams Will said, the excellent thread from @Julien and his basic F&S calculator is very good to let you understand unfortunately, it does not cover VCarving yet.

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