Carving onto the side of a board

Hi All,

Has anyone tried to carve (for text/logo) on the side of a board. As my understanding is that there are limitations to the Z axis, if I have a chopping board where I need to carve a text/logo on the side walls how would I go about it? Do any of the shapeoko models allow you to remove the bottom spoil table so that you can lower the stock enough to accommodate the limitation of the Z axis?

Thank you

If you are fortunate to own a new S5, there is Gantry Shift for such occasions.


@CoastCooler has a set-up on his table which is beautiful.


Tha is a thing of beauty.

Thank you @Varty5 , missed that from the details :pray:

The S4/Pro does not have the gantry shift, but the router will come past the front of the machine as well for some vertical joinery/edge engraving as well (from what I understand).


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