Carving Quartz Cambria

Does anyone have any tips on carving quartz? Would I use a MC Etcher diamond drag bit? Or something else? I am not sure if I can carve it using a ball point or not.
Any tips would be helpful.

You are saying carve but the bit you mention are for marking.
With a carbide bit you can carve the material but I would add coolant.
If you just want to etch the diamond bit will work fine.

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For Cambria (or any engineered stone as well as natural stone), you should get a diamond tool. If just etching works for you (will be more noticeable on darker stones), you can try the MC Etcher. If you are working with either lighter colored stones or want to actually carve into the face you will want to use water. As the Shapeoko isn’t equipped with a water/coolant/lubricant feed your best bet would be a water bath inside a container you can secure to your table. I would suggest a is 9000RPM minimum for diamond tools to engrave with and depending on the tool and DOC (as well as the material) starting around 200mm/min (or slower) and working up from there. For diamond tooling I would suggest you look at GranQuartz, Braxton Bragg Industries, Defusco Industrial Supply. There are others, but those are all companies we have bought from here at work for our CNC (I work in a granite & marble fabrication shop for my day job). Please note though that an engraving tool will likely be a special order.

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