Cash Only Signage

(Dennis ) #1

Layered PVC Sign. I purchased the Shapeoko hoping I could add capabilities to my Sign Business. My first completed sign. Be making ADA signs next.


(Luc) #2

Good looking sign, maybe you can provide a bit of info on how you made it? Did you make layers/letters individually and glue-up? What glue did you use? Is the PVC painted or is it material color?

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(Dennis ) #3

Hey Luc,

I am a sign contractor. I work from home. I have a 54" vinyl cutting plotter and I purchased the Shapeoko hoping I could do some dimensional work. Looks like I can.

I have been cutting 1/2" thick PVC, brand name ‘Sintra’ at my sign supply shop. .13 DOC / 100 FEED. Blows right thru it.

So yes, this is 1/2" thick material, painted with Krylon Fusion, for plastic. 3M Double sided adhesive tape holds the layers together. There is room for improvement but not bad overall first sign with the Shapeoko. For sign making anyway, as a business, the hardest part for me has always been getting a clean paint job on the product. That’s what I am focusing on next.


(Dennis ) #4

I’m sorry , let me explain a little deeper.

The background panel is 1/2" thick black Sintra with a 3M Medium Grey #31 Opaque vinyl overlay. I also masked the vinyl with transfer tape to protect it while cutting. The white outline is 3M opaque vinyl application. That is where the vinyl plotter comes in handy. The red middle layer is painted with Krylon Fusion. The top layer, letters is white Sintra, no treatment on the face.

It is designed in Corel Draw and the lettering is a custom sign font.

Ok, over-explained maybe.


(Neil Ferreri) #5

Do you do anything with the edges?
I use this stuff all the time. I’ll sand if anything is really rough, but it always looks like a cut edge. I prefer Rust-Oleum over krylon.

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(Guy Donham) #6

Looks good. Sounds like you use your sign making ability to build up using some CNC and some of your vinyl cutout to make a mixed media sign. I like it.


(Justin D Hardy) #7

Very Nice Work!!!