CC - Alignment tools

How can I get the Alignment Tools feature to come up with only selecting one item? Example, I want to align a square (or any item for that matter) to the center of the workpiece. The only way I can get it to come up is if I select multiple items (found out by holding CTRL).

A similar feature request would be to have a typical Menu bar with all options available, not just those that are context sensitive.

You can align a single shape to the grid by hovering over the shape and snapping the CENTER, MIDPOINT or END to the grid.
You may need to adjust your grid size in the Job setup panel.
Also Note; When you select a shape, its location is defined on the left.
In this example you can see the Center of the 2" x 2" square is at X 4" and Y 4.25"

When I move it to the center of my 8" x8" grid it is located at X4" and Y4"

In the left Control panel you can also define the shapes location by its corners by clicking on the corner.

Note the Square is in the center of the work area, but the top, left corner of the square is at X3" and Y5"

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Thanks for the feedback. This method is fine when you have nice even increments to work with. It seems you have the most of it already there, just a few more pieces would be quite helpful I think. I still ask that this be considered as a future feature. As an example, I use CorelDraw for sign work and it has this feature. Further, a simple shortcut key of ā€œPā€ centers the selected object to the page. Super handy. There are more alignment tools but this is one I use all the time.

More features will be continue to be added to Carbide Create - Mirror and line offsets would be my top 2.

As for Lettering, I think using Corel and Illustrator for the kerning control will be the best approach.

Are you modifying the grid size? That may help in the meantime.
If you dont want to snap to the grid, Zoom in farther and you can move objects without snapping to the grid.