CC and Carbide motion

I recently downloaded V7 and have really been liking it. However today I have tried to save the gcode for a very basic cut and I pull it up in Carbide motion and it tells me it has bad gcode. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be awesome Thanks

I have tried the send straight to motion button and that just stalls out after the prompt to turn on the router. I could have sworn that V6 used to have a “save gcode” button not a “save toothpath”.

Which versions are you using?

If a v7 build:

Then it needs to be paired w/ a reasonably recent Carbide Motion build:

(565 or later)

and you need to send the .c2d file, not G-code.

I am using V7 because I was messing with the new boolean functions. My motion build looks to be V5

fishing test.c2d (144 KB)
this is the file that I have tried to send to Motion

Disregard… I think I figured it out. Thanks

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