CC and CM need different icons from each other please!

I just installed the latest CM build on my mac, and now my doc looks like this:

Which one is the CC? Which one is CM? No one knows…

No disrespect to the C3D guys. But this is a silly state of affairs. I hope it’s just my error. Is there some new version of CC with a different icon?


That blue icon to the left looks vaguely like a Datron machine… or at least that might be my wishful thinking :wink:

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it’s CAMotics, CNC simulator :slight_smile:

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You mean like this:

cmotion.pdf (42.7 KB)

Just create the icon you want in your favorite graphics program, then paste it over the old icon in getinfo.
Easy Peasy.

(But you’re right, we need an official fix.)

For the lazy who don’t care if they are quick, dirty, and ugly (my wife says get off the computer) -

Select application in finder, CMD-I (Get Info), click lock (if locked), enter password, copy image from here, select icon in upper right hand corner of Get Info, paste new icon, close Get Info - You’re done. (Please feel free to improve, I spent less than 5 minutes on this, and it is pretty gruesome. Now, I really have to go - Bye!)

FWIW, this was commented on several times during the private beta, and a couple of suggestions were made.

I wonder why it was not addressed? It is dead simple to fix.

BTW - If anyone shows any interest in using them I suppose I could now take the time to clean up my two sloppy/ugly test examples, but it would be so much better if this were properly addressed in the next update of the software instead. It could be as simple as Carbide’s just adding the program name to the icon. C’mon guys, its not like you’ve been busy or anything… :grin:

I agree I would love to see this addressed. Its really just a convenience thing.

It took two years, but CC 3.16 has a new icon, (


There’s a beta of Carbide Motion which also has a new icon.

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