CC and Retract Height?

First time trying to mill out aluminum stock and i’m having problems with the retract height. I have the retract height set in CC at 12mm but when I got to run the program the router is not retracting. Any ideas? I cut a sheet of plastic yesterday with no issues.

Please post the .c2d file.

It may be that your system is getting hung up and losing steps on retraction (assuming a Shapeoko), esp. if you’re cutting slots. Check the machine mechanically (belt tension, V-wheel adjustment, pulley set screws) per the operating checklist:

Step 3 0.125 endmill.c2d (7.5 KB)

Here is the file. I’m just cutting pockets.

I just occurred to me that i’m cutting thicker material. If I don’t have 12mm of retraction will that hang up CM?

Nevermind on the thicker material. I have more than 12mm of available retraction.

Actually, I think I found the problem. Looks like the file is contaminated.