CC Array Along Path

Hi everyone this is my first post, and I have yet to cut a project. I don’t even own a machine yet! But I’m trying to design a bunch of things before I get one, to be sure it’s worth my investment.

One thing missing for me is an Array along path. I would like to be able to make a bunch of circle along a wavy line, or rectangle that has fillets for example (think of a crib board). I personally would like to have the option for the array pattern to have the following options (with respect to a bunch of circles being laid out on a line)

  1. Array along center line of path(makes all circles mid point connect to the selected line
  2. Array along the top/bottom of the path(similar to how your bit tool path asks inside or outside)
  3. Option to select how many circles, spacing, and extra rows/columns (same as regular array)
  4. Option to select a skip in pattern (skip every 6th circle)
  5. Be able to drag and position the pattern along the path, and possibly enter coordinates, distances, or snapping to a starting node. ( imagine sliding 5 small circles along the path but needing a way to anchor them and start and stop at specific points)

Maybe a few more. But this gives the general idea of a pattern tool. The current Array tool is excellent. Just needs to have a selectable path as well

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