CC + CM - display comments from GCode

I’d love a way to embed comments in the exported GCode file that would be displayed by CM.

The GCode already supports comments, so if they were specially formatted, CM could display just those:

(CM:  This is a comment for Carbide Motion)
(This would be ignored)

As comments, the exported GCode would still be fully compliant.

Then, there could be a section of the project (or on the toolpaths) where you could add comments that you’d be able to see later.

CC could also add some comments by default, like where zeros are.

There’s been a few times where the project is set for X-Y center of stock, but I set the machine for bottom left. A comment in CM would prevent that kind of mistake.


I’m working with @justinblink on a post for NX, and this came up.

(MSG, Hello World)
M1 (Hello World)

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