CC-Custom tool descriptions

I may be missing something here, but when I add a custom bit and enter all the relevant information, the last item is the tool number. This field is entirely useless and could be updated to actually provide some utility.

When the user is prompted for a bit change, usually, for Carbide3d provided bit options, you are presented with a description of the bit. However, for custom bits, you are only presented with the number, which is useless. It would be nice if the description we provide for the bit was actually presented when prompted for the bit change.

So, you could either make the Bit Number field a text field and allow us to put whatever we want in there, or just include our description along with the number so it is actually useful information.


When I enter mine, my habit has been to use the decimal number for the diameter. .125, .056 ….

.121 for down .123 for combos .120 for O flute

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This is the golden rule. Those with the gold rule. So C3D makes their propriety database so you cannot edit it. For the custom databases only the number appears and has always worked that way. Maybe some day they will change.

For me with a lot of custom tools I print my tool # and description on an adhesive sticker and put it on the side rail. Some tools I dont use too much it is hard for me to remember what the tool is from just the number.

Those with the gold, rule. I like that…

Being from the tech industry and having written a lot of software myself, this little thing would be so simple to fix it just seems idiotic to have to deal with all the work-arounds. Which is why this feature request seemed warranted to me. I think in the meantime. I will do what you have done.


I sort of solved this with the bit holder I made. The number of each bit is the first thing on the label followed by a brief description of the bit.