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Title says it all. Export right now exports everything - visible + hidden layers, etc.

Now that we have layers, and use them to show and hide things that are not part of the ‘real’ design (guides, etc), exporting everything is a huge mess. I also use layers for simple two sided projects, and for projects where I ‘swap-in’ different items into a larger project.

At the very least, CC need an option to ‘Export visible only’. Exporting selected items only is also very useful.

The only real option right now is to duplicate the C2D file and delete everything else.

First pic is what I want. Second is what I got.

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I think the real problem here is that the layers are not exported. SVG supports layers, so the layers in the design should get exported as layers in the SVG. The visibility and lock states should persist.

The SVG files that are exported from CC contains no layers.

SVG doesn’t support layers. InkScape and other programs emulate layers by using a convention for custom metadata tags when forming groups (which SVG does support) as in:

<g inkscape:label="Layer 1" inkscape:groupmode="layer" id="layer1">  </g>
<g inkscape:groupmode="layer" id="layer2" inkscape:label="Layer 2"> </g>

Thank you for clearing this up, Gerry. I did not know this.

Then Michael’s point stands that only visible layers should be exported to SVG.

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I certainly agree with your proposition :slight_smile:

While I’m digging into the SVG import and export, I’m seeing other issues.

  1. The color of the layer in CC does not export to the object color in SVG.
  2. Groups in CC do not export to groups in SVG.
  3. Groups in the SVG do not import as groups in CC.

There is some fun stuff with the position of elements:

  1. Elements in the SVG imported into CC maintain their position in X, but the Y position always sets the bottom of the bounding box to zero.
  2. The size of the SVG document exported from CC does not match the stock size, instead it is expanded to include the bounding size of the elements. This expansion only happens in the positive direction - elements that are off of the stock in the negative directions are off of the document in the SVG. The elements maintain their correct locations.

Now, I am doing all of this testing with Inkscape, so there may be some behavior specific to that application instead of the SVG file format generally.

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I had put a similar suggestion in over the transom at our team chat, and am making it a formal request w/ a link back to your detailed and thorough post.

FWIW, my work-around for this difficulty is to duplicate what is visible and drag it off to an area of either the stock or the surrounding area before exporting — then when the file is imported, it is easy to delete all but what is wanted.

We’ll have to see what the developers think. Checkboxes for:

  • export only selected objects
  • export only visible objects

are pretty standard for graphic design programs.

Good point- it’s now on the todo list.


It’s released to the 617 beta at


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