CC Grid Spacing

Could someone please tell me why the grid spacing in CC (Build version 474) defaults to 0.1969", please?

It seems to me, for inches at least, the spacing should be 0.2" to help with aligning vectors, etc?


Because 5mm metric? :slight_smile:


It is VERY easy to change (Click on Edit).

It’s set to 5mm because the guy who programmed it (Rob the Boss) wanted it to be metric (I have discussed this with him several times). At least the newer versions are 1/4" I believe and more importantly, they REMEMBER your grid preference one you set it.

Being able to set the grid spacing will greatly speed up your designs. (Ref: SNAP Function).


The problem is, everything I’m working with is in inches - I guess because this is the standard unit of measurement in the US?

I don’t have a problem with this, of course, but everything does seem to be ‘that way inclined’ and, to be honest, I’m old enough to remember inches and feet in the UK!

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Ah, I didn’t realise it remembered the grid sizing, as all the files were setup before I noticed this.

Thanks, @RichCournoyer

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and if you load someone else’s file with its own grid spacing, next design will remember that one
(been there done that)

it’s a great feature for it to remember… but if you load a weird file you need to just re-set it


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