CC keeps freezing on new laptop

I have a brand new gaming laptop with i7 processor and 16 gig of memory. CC freezes randomly (not when I am doing anything special) I might click on a vector no problem but try to click the next vector…frozen. It will allow me to save the program just nothing else. I have seen this issue addressed in this group before but nothing since 2023. I have version 764 built on: 2023-10-31. It does not matter what file I am working on, new, old, imported picture, or fresh draw, it freezes on everything. And my video driver was updated to the newest driver but still freezing. Any ideas?

Usually on a new machine this is caused by Windows downloading updates in the background.

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I would check to see which GPU CC is utilizing. Many Intel based gaming laptops have dual GPU’s… One low-power on-board with the CPU & then the dedicated one for actual gaming.

Intel drivers have never been very robust on the GPU side, so I would be inclined to have CC use the dedicated GPU - usually NVIDIA.

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How do I check to see which GPU CC is using and how would I change it?

Sometimes there’s the option of doing so via the Taskbar tray icons for your video systems - the Intel or NVIDIA control panels. You would probably find better info by Googling about your laptop & finding out how & what configuration changes can be made.

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