CC Missing line when importing DXF file

Shapeoko XXL and after doing a few tests and fiddling with the setup to get better tolerances I’m now ready to do my first real project.

So I’ve made a complete 3D model in Catia V5 for a speaker. And when i try to process the exported DXF file CC behave very strange. First of all there is a line missing and secondly CC joins a few line together making it impossible to do the correct pockets. See pictures below as it’s kind of hard to explain.

As you hopefully can see i’ve opned the same DXF file in both CC and SolidWorks but one line is missing in CC. Unfortunately i can’t show you how the center pocket gets joined with the outside but instead of getting a thin pocket for a inner wall i get the entire left chamber as the only possible pocket i can create.

I have tried different export settings (2004/2007 lines, Sematic/grapic, endpoint none/all ) aswell as SVG but nothing helps.

So my question is, how am i supposed to export my CAD model so i can use it? Tried designing it in CC but found it hard to get the measurements correct with more complex models.

sorry guys, only one image as new users are only allowed to post one. Will update with more if i can and reply to myself with more pictures so scroll down.


DXF is an odd file format in that it doesn’t really plan on doing fills, nor continuous lines, and will accept lines which begin/end at the same point.

Carbide Create is more of a vector / SVG program, and wants to deal with closed shapes, and if lines seem to be in a single structure, they will be combined — unfortunately it seems to prioritize line direction over point geometry, so it gets things wrong sometimes.

I’ve always fixed this sort of thing by getting the file into a drawing program which works reliably and prioritizes point location over path direction when combining files — you should be able to fix the file to be closed paths in Inkscape and then reimport.

Please send a copy of the file to so that it can be assigned to one of the devs to use to improve the import.