CC not saving all code correctly?

Here is the Gcode created by CC.
Contour Gcode

Here is the CC file as well if needed.
Keyhole Carbide Create - Test2.c2d (16.9 KB)

I thought I created a contour line that travels right to left moving 1/4" Left and back, 1/2" left then 1/4" back to the right repeating the 1/2" and 1/4" for a length of 2 1/2 inches. This is a simulated pecking motion for a keyhole length but for some reason CC only save three pecks and cuts the rest as a single cut?
I want to add the other pecks manually but do not want to attempt this edit until I fully understand what the Gcode is doing.
I assume this is metric positioning on the CNC. Can someone please explain the “X2” codes line by line that I may edit without damaging my machine?

Thank you in advance.

I am not a gcode wizard by any means. But what I am seeing is in inches, not metric.

It is not x2. It is just x and the numbers after show 2.5in for that first x line. Next 2.74, is your. 25in move your talking about and so forth down the lines.

General tip when you’re going to edit gcode manually and want to be sure what it will do: has this nice feature that you can load a gcode file, click on a gcode line in the left pane, it will display the tool location in the 3D view at that stage. And then with the focus still in the left pane, you can use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to “animate” the path of the tool, step by step, for visual inspection

About the gcode above: the latest G0/1 command applies to subsequent X/Y/Z positions, so instead of generating “G1 X2.7492 Y0.7499”, the post processor skips the G1 and just output X2.7492Y0.7499


Thank you very much. I have this program but never knew of this function.
Does this program have the ability to edit internally as well?
I can’t seem to find where if so.

Nope, no editing. That would be useful, but it’s a viewer after all, so it’s not intended to edit the gcode.

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I figured it out in CC.

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