CC not showing paths from Illustrator

This is something to do with the open path issue but I’m not figuring it out. I’m trying to create a border box around a name, and I want the box to be interrupted by text at the top and bottom. I created a box in AI then used the scissor tool to snip out a small section at top and bottom.

When imported to CC, two sections of the box that should be there are missing. Open path, right?

I tried to test this with a simple box shape to see what would happen as well. The box works fine until I cut out a small section.

The one section of box is just gone. Where do I go from here?

You can either add an extra point or expand the stroke — the best thing to do is expand the stroke, Carbide Create doesn’t handle open paths well.

@mtbrooks As one smart fellow on here once(?) said, “Add more geometry!” (Or something to that effect.)
Can you close the path somehow? Off the part? Without cutting? Just a rookie thought! :smiley:

EDIT: I was able to Vcarve the box section with the break around text in CC. What I did was offset the box to get the Vcarve width (two boxes now.) Then I added two nodes outside of the text area on both sides and pulled the node to merge the inner box to the outer box. Since there’s no width then the Vcarve doesn’t carve anything.

Seems to work in simulation, but I’m just a rookie! :smiley:

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by both of those suggestions? I’m good with PS but still trying to up my AI game.

Any chance you could show me a screenshot of this process? I think I get it but I’d like to see.

The command you want is:

Object | Path | Outline Stroke

The Outline view, View | Outline should match what you want to define as regions to cut.

Ahhh, perfect. Thank you. That was exactly what I needed.

As Will states, CC doesn’t handle open paths well. More specifically, it truncates the start-end of the path. Points on a path have an order from start to end. You can tell, from your results, that the point order of your rectangle is clockwise, the point that is ignored is point number one

I use lots of open paths for engraving. My solution, for now, is to add an additional point very close to the start point; zoom way in to do this.

If your line is a curved one, the longer the tangent on that first point, the more the line will be truncated. Evidently, from your example, if there are no tangents the first point will be ignored.

This has nothing to do with Illustrator, it’s a property of CC.

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Very good to know. So my best bet is to extend the line a fraction of an inch ahead of the start point and use the pen tool to add another point where I want the line to actually begin?

If I’m understanding Will’s method I created a new outline around the border of my stroke which I can then pocket cut like a big U or C shape turned on its side?

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So far I haven’t needed to extend my lines, I zoom in very close to place the extra point. I suppose it depends on the exact nature of your application.

I’m not sure what Will means with “expand the stroke”.