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So, I have this file, and I have this buddy that lives in Virginia. They have had this coin series, and he collected them. Now he sent me a request to carve him a wall hanging.

So, I have this file, and it is a PNG photo that I got from some official Virginia site. I never could find a digitized image.

So, I have this CC Pro free trial, and I imported this file (PNG) into it. It produces a 3D model, but of course it isn’t acceptable because this isn’t the proper PNG for that purpose.

Where do I go to convert this PNG file to a PNG file that is acceptable to CC Pro?

Thank you in advance.

CC Pro needs a heightmap image as input, so first it needs to be a grayscale image, but mostly it needs to accurately represent the high and lows in the image. So in 99% of the cases, a regular image/photo converted to grayscale won’t work, because chances are the lighting is such that highlights and shadows do not match the relief of the piece.

For a coin, you may be able to import that PNG image you have in Inkscape and auto-trace its features to get a set of 2D vectors/outlines of the coin features, and then you could import that in CC (non-Pro) and set flat heights yourself via toolpaths at multiple depths. But getting nice 3D curvy surfaces from a regular picture…not easy in the general case.

Can you share that image maybe for better advice ?


Nice coin. Unfortunately this is what I was talking about, there are highlights and shadows that do not match the expected height for things, and no easy way (that I know of) to make that into a 3D object, but someone else may know a trick.

I would maybe look at other options ?

  • Photo V-carving it ? (If you have Vectric VCarve that is…)
  • Make it a lithophane
  • trace it in Inkscape and engrave this with a diamond drag bit on metal? It’s not going to be fun though, here’s the (poor) result that I got playing around for a few minutes, Inkscape gurus may be able to do much better


If I make it big enough, then vcarve will work. However it won’t look the same.

I’m afraid I’ll have to find a way to get a 3D scan of a real coin.

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So, I’m looking around for a solution and came up with this STL file. However, I should notify @fenrus that his STL2PNG online program gives me an error code. Since the creation of the STL was so simple, I’m not surprised that the result has a problem, but perhaps its me again? I imagine it is a blank file.

model_923892276340.stl (89.4 KB)

Ah an ascii STL not binary STL…
different file format…
I should just port the parser I made in C++ to the javascript version as well…

hold my coffee


:zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: Holding …

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realistically it’s going to take an hour or so to code this, maybe a bit more if family stuff interrupts so feel free to put it down :wink:


Hey, nobody is going to complain about that kind of service! :smiley:

1 Like now supports ascii stl files as well… can I now have my coffee back please :wink:


We are going to have to start an official “Hold My …” list. Thank you @fenrus for all of your hard work and willingness to share!


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