CC Pro Bad toolpath?

CCPro v756 Post Processor - Basic g-code (This is not being cut on a ShapeOko or Nomad)

I thought it might be a fluke so I re-saved the tool path out of CCPro and ran it again with the same result.

Has anyone seen this before? One pic is the toolpath in CCPro. It’s just a rectangular pocket used to face the material before cutting the actual part. When I start the cut, it looks like the second pic. It’s no where close to a rectangle.

CCPro v756 Post Processor - Basic g-code


That’s a machine problem, not a toolpath problem. How does the motion look when you do an air cut?

The air cut was exactly the same. Other tool paths I created a few days ago work fine. The motion system of the machine seems smooth and tight.

You can drop the G-code into to confirm, but I suspect it’ll match the render in CC Pro.

I cut it with g-code generated by F360 and it cut fine…so it doesn’t seem to be a machine issue.

Can you post the gcode that’s giving you the problems?

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