CC PRO Editing STL

Is it possible for CC PRO to edit existing STL files?

No. It can’t import them either.

I suspect it won’t get that feature so as not to compete with MeshCAM.

I use Microsoft’s 3D Builder to edit STLs, then do CAM in MeshCAM (used to use pyCAM, and some folks have good luck w/ FreeMill).

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Would vcarve pro be an “all-in-one” alternative for opening and sending STL files?
I have read in the wiki where other programs are “mentioned” but not listed as an effective"all in one" alternative to open and edit and/or manipulate 3d objects and send or save.
I am very new to this and learning as quick as I can find useful info.
I guess basically what I want to find out is. Can the shapeoko with carbide create and carbide motion open and process 3-d files. I think I have found that answer to be a resounding No.
It is so odd that a company with “3d” in it’s name does not handle 3d files.
So what is the least complicated way to carve online purchased 3d work with the shapeoko?

Try this maybe ? Full C3D ecosystem PLUS programming goodness from @fenrus:


I realize that downloading software from the internet is not great so I’m going to see if I can port the thing to javascript and it just run in your local browser… now that I’m trying to learn javascript that could be an interesting challenge


it’s alive … alive…

well sort of. It functions. not fast at all yet

next steps

  • make it look a bit nicer
  • performance performance performance
  • support ASCII STL files in addition to binary

and maybe

  • generate gcode straight from the web page

So cool! I’m throwing various STLs at it and for now it kinda chokes on large ones :slight_smile: but I love where this is going (fork this thread maybe ?)

it’ll be 100x faster in maybe an hour or so

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Vcarve won’'t edit a STL but will allow you to resize it. You need A$pire to edit on using Vectric products so I use Blender for free to create or edit STL files. It’s very powerful.


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