CC PRO Stl importing

I’ve been using the V7 Beta and I have to say that it’s great. The addition to being able to use STLs to carve is awesome. I know it’s still in the beta stage but I’m curious to what else we could expect to see see as far as using STLs. And would it be helpful if we shared our experiences with it and give feedback on it even though it’s still in the beta phase?

Yes, please let us know that STLs import successfully (communicating the source/application which made the STL would be of interest as well).

If you have an STL which doesn’t import as expected, send those in to and we’ll do our best to look into it.

I’m not sure what software my STL file was created in but I could find out. Most of the time when I import the STL it brings it to the far edge of my stock and cuts the image in half. Would there be a way of resizing the STL to fit my stock before importing in future versions?

Draw geometry the size you want:

the STL import is centered in that, and you can use the XY scaling field to adjust the size along those axes, and Height to adjust size along Z.

Awesome, I’m going to give that a try this evening. Thanks. I’ll keep updates on here as I work with everything.

There is an entire thread for v7:

Yeah but I figured I would make one specifically for 3D/STL portion.

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Nothing is stopping you from making your own thread but if you want development to move forward it might be best to stay in the V7 thread that already has the developers attention.

Yeah I get what you’re saying, it’s good point.

That thread appears to be closed now. 30 days old

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It’s been re-opened.