CC Pro Turtle Shell Build video

This is the Turtle Shell I have been Showing/making. Made YouTube video on how I made it.



Fun Facts

Found the real Turtle. Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macroclemys temmnicki). Lives here with me in Florida. Can be up to 32" long, 402 lbs, and live 80 years. As the LOTR Orc Says “Alligator is on the menu boys” . It fishes by using its tongue as a lure. Bad boy of the swamp, Lake, River.

Now I remember seeing the one at the Cincinnati zoo. I will try harder next time to make it look like the real one. Maybe mine was flattened by a Truck.


@StephenCox - Yours turned out great, and it’s been fun/educational watching the learning the learning curve.

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Megalodon Shark Tooth

Trying to use slices of an oak branch the wood is a bit green so I have to let it soak in a lot of stain and polyurethane to stabilize it we’ll see if that keeps it from checking. The Beetle one crack. May use some epoxy to fix crack.

Because I’m using Oak I can get some fine resolution 1/16 does not break stock material like pine does

I also used a granite texture for the background and the sand texture for the root of the tooth. I was surprised it cut this well.

It did take a little time to cut about an hour and a half. Almost no sanding clean it up


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