CC: Remember Directory Last Used

It would be helpful - as well as generally accepted - for the software to remember the last directory that I used to open or save a file. For some reason, CC seems to always start in the folder where its installed, which is never where I want to find my files. Either remember the last, or let me choose a starting directory.

Weird, my CC, 4.64 always goes back to the last directory used. For me it is in my projects folder. I find that going back to the last directory annoying. Maybe someone can tell you why yours does not go back to the last directory used.

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I see this problem occasionally, too. But my last folder is in a network storage and the error might be due to the storage being inaccessible (or with delayed access) from time to time.

However, I think that individual file save/load operations should remember individual locations (e.g., one for saving a project file and one for saving a gcode file).

OK…so I tried this on different machines and it does, in fact, behave differently. One machine is showing the last directory, the other is showing the installation directory. I don’t know why…perhaps it’s a Windows setting I’m not familiar with?

I’ll withdraw the request then…it seems it’s an individual machine issue.

I have un-solutioned this one…Because I found the problem again…and it’s not my machine this time (I don’t think).

When importing a file (SVG) using the import button in CC…it seems that the directory of last import (or even last open) is not remembered. Can someone verify that please?


On my PC (Windows10) with CC467, the import SVG button opens in
C:\Program Files (x86)\CarbideCreate


RIght…so that’s confirmed (at least on our machines)

I’ve put in a request in the Features topic to either remember the last directory of SVG import, or to provide an option to specify the starting SVG directory.


That will be fixed in the next beta release.