CC - Simulation - Change center of rotation to track viewport

Right now in the simulation, the center of rotation is fixed - likely at the center of the bounding box of the simulated cuts.

So this has three undesirable effects:

  • the center of rotation can change as toolpaths are enabled and disabled.
  • When zoomed in, rotating the simulation can move what you are focused on entirely out of the viewport.
  • Finally, how the model rotates when the mouse moves changes depending on where the mouse is relative to the center-of-rotation.

What I want - the center of rotation should be the center of the viewport.

To see this effect, in the attached file zoom in on the ‘A’ in the top left corner. Now rotate the simulation:

Golden.c2d (388 KB)

2nd the motion! Center and rotation vectors should be based on the viewport, not the model space.
Another cool option I’ve seen is if you hold the mouse button down for a second, the center of rotation temporarily becomes a point on the model where the mouse pointer is.

However, the center of rotation is the geometric center of the workpiece, and is fixed.
It has nothing to do with the toolpaths or where the mouse is positioned

Nope the center of rotation is definitely related to the toolpaths. In the C2D above, try rotating the simulation with and without the ‘Pause’ toolpath enabled.

After playing with it a bit it appears that the bounding box starts as the size of stock, but if you have toolpaths that extend outside the stock, then the bounding box expands to encompass them. After that, the center of rotation is the center of the bounding box.

Interesting. I didn’t try it with the toolpath off the workpiece. I tried a toolpath in the corners, and no matter which are enabled it rotates around the center of the workpiece. So it must use both the workpiece & the off workpiece path. Or just whatever is visible on the screen.

Rotation is the same no matter where the cursor is on the screen.

I do agree that rotation would be better if based on the viewport, rather than the model space.
A “Reset View” hotkey would also be nice.